GreenWorks 20222 9-Amp 14-Inch Electric Chainsaw Review

GreenWorks 20222 9-Amp 14-Inch Electric Chainsaw Review

GreenWorks 20222 9-Amp 14-Inch Electric Chainsaw ReviewThe GreenWorks 20222 nine amp fourteen-inch corded chainsaw can start up within seconds, offering reliable power in a saw that’s very easy to use. The fourteen-inch bar makes handling the small jobs around the yard a breeze. The saw features tool free chain tensioning for fast adjustments so you can quickly get back to work. The ergonomic wrap around hand grip offers a ton of user comfort, allowing you to handle the saw for a longer period of time.

Greenworks is a company that’s a fairly new player in the power tool game. Regardless, this company has a reputation for producing top of the line, affordable tools that are powerful enough to get the job done. While this model definitely can’t compete with a higher amp saw or a gas powered model, during our testing it managed to hold its own.

For the price, you really can’t complain about its limited performance, however, despite its smaller size, it does have plenty to offer the homeowner in search of a reliable electric chainsaw.

GreenWorks 20222 Electric Chainsaw Assessment and Features

The saw’s automatic lubrication system is designed to administer the perfect amount of lubrication, ensuring that the saw provides the ultimate cutting performance without having to worry about damaging the chain.

This saw is perfect for small projects around the backyard, such as pruning and trimming small trees and clearing debris. It comes with a fourteen-inch chain and bar, offering reduced kickback and it’s powered by a nine amp electric motor. For an affordable price, you’ll have a saw that weighs only eight pounds, which means you can use the saw for a longer period of time without straining your arms or back.

Corded Chainsaw Pros and Cons

GreenWorks 20222 9-Amp 14-Inch Electric ChainsawPros: The saw’s wrap around handle allows the user to remain comfortable while operating the saw. Another popular feature is the chain tensioning system which is designed to allow the user to adjust the chain without the need for tools. Basically, it makes the entire process of adjusting the chain much faster and smoother. Additionally, the automatic oiling system provides the right amount of lubrication so you won’t have to worry about damaging the saw during a bigger job.

The included instructions manual features easy to follow assembly instructions and diagrams. There’s also a troubleshooting section and instructions regarding how to maintain and care for the saw.

The saw cuts easily and quickly. It’s well-built and lightweight and easy to use. The oil reservoir levels can be difficult to view, but you can shake the saw gently from side to side to get an idea of how much oil is left. We recommend pulling on the chain every once in a while to ensure it’s still tight. You can quickly tighten it with the round wheel if needed. also included is a thick plastic chain cover for added protection.

We found that the saw can easily handle branches that are three or four inches in diameter. The saw can cut limbs at six to eight inches in diameter, but it will take a little longer. Just keep in mind, because this is a nine amp saw, cutting through thicker branches will cause the saw to become pretty hot, so you’ll need to take a break here and there to allow the saw to cool down. When done for the day, make sure you clean the saw and remove any of the lubricating oil. Overall, we found that the saw was really easy to clean and maintain, especially compared to a gas powered model.

For most buyers, this saw exceeded their expectations.

Cons: One of the major issues buyers had with this model involved a problem with the large amount of oil that the saw releases.  This, in turn, will require the user to frequently check the oil levels. In addition to this issue, the cap on the oil reservoir must be lifted up in order to accurately monitor the level, which makes it trickier and more inconvenient to keep an eye on the oil.

You may also run into issues with the chain becoming loose during operation. However, it can be reattached easily. Of course, because it’s a corded model you’ll need to invest in a twelve gauge extension cord for bigger jobs.

Others had complaints that the saw powered out at times. This can happen if you fail to take breaks and allow the saw to rest for a few minutes if it begins to run hot. This is especially important when you’re trying to tackle bigger jobs. Keep in mind that this is a nine amp motor. Lower amperage means less power. If you have a large property and you’re looking for a tough saw to handle most of your cutting needs, then this saw is not for you.

GreenWorks Corded Chainsaw Conclusion and Rating

This saw can handle most of the jobs you’ll encounter around your property. The tool-free chain tensioning system allows users to make fast and easy adjustments, so you’ll get through each task much faster. The automatic oil tensioning system does a great job of keeping the saw well lubricated, but you must keep an eye on the oil level. The saw’s motor isn’t very powerful, but we felt that this was reflected in the price. The fact that you won’t have to deal with oil and gas mixtures is a big selling point for many.

The GreenWorks 20222 corded chainsaw isn’t actually a bad saw despite some of its issues, it’s just not designed to handle big jobs. It’s perfect for small to medium size jobs around the home such as trimming thin branches and shrubbery, but it can’t handle thicker branches or fell trees. Offered at a reasonable price, it’s a great saw to use around the yard. Consumers who purchased this chainsaw gave it a rating of four out of five stars for pricing, the ergonomic handle, tensioning system, and overall quality.

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